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Maintenance Tips For Wood Replacement Windows

Although there certainly are a number of different types of windows which are installed in the home, such as wood, vinyl and aluminum, one of the best choices is using a wood frame.
This is a time-tested and efficient option that provides beauty for your home that is unsurpassed by many of the other window options that are available.
Having wood replacement windows installed at your home can represent a significant investment.
Allowing them to fall into disrepair could likewise result in costly maintenance to your home as well.
In addition, regular maintenance to the windows will help to extend their life and reduce more expensive maintenance costs to the windows themselves.
Here are some maintenance tips for wood replacement windows that will keep them looking great and operating properly.
Routine Painting - When you paint wood windows regularly, it not only helps to keep them beautiful but it can extend their life considerably.
Unpainted wood that is exposed to the elements can result in serious problems, such as wood rot.
Keeping the paint fresh may also help to reduce issues with the operation of the window.
When frames are painted on a periodic basis, it may help to keep them from sticking when they open and close.
Window Cleaning - It is important to clean your windows regularly, not only to keep the dirt to a minimum but also to reduce the possibility of damage.
Some of the elements which may stick to the windows can cause damage to them over the course of time.
If they should happen to etch the glass, it would make it necessary to replace the window rather than to simply clean it thoroughly.
Most homeowners find that a twice annual window cleaning is enough to provide them with these benefits and to keep the Windows clean and clear.
You can also hire a window cleaning service, which will come to your home and clean them periodically for you.
Sealing the Windows - On a routine basis, you should be sealing the edge of the window frames with high quality caulking.
This will help to keep the windows energy-efficient and reduce energy loss from around the building envelope, which can end up costing you money on a monthly basis.
Check the seal on the windows annually and re-caulk it at that time, if necessary.
Repairing Foggy Windows - When you have a problem with the windows in your home becoming foggy, it may be more than simply a problem with routine maintenance.
When the seal between the windows fails, it can allow moisture to get between the thermal panes and would cause the permanent fogginess that is unable to be cleaned with a routine cleaning.
In most cases, it is possible to have a window company come in and replace the windowpanes along with the seal.
Unless the wood window frame is damaged and causing the problem it is unlikely that you will have to replace it as well.

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