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Is There a Real Cure for Cancer

Is There A Real Cure For Cancer?

A Cancer Cure from the Australian Rain Forest. The Cancer Cure called EBC46 is about to undergo human trials in Australia. About 200 domestic animals have already been treated with great success for various solid tumours. Dogs, Cats and Horses treated with a single injection of this amazing compound derived from a plant grown in the Australian Rain Forest were saved from dying of inoperable cancers.

Q Biotics an Australian Biotechnology Company discovered the extract and have since been able to to grow the plant domestically. They have stockpiled a large quantity of the drug to be used for the treatment of cancer in animals in Australia and later worldwide. This drug will also be used for the Human trials which are expected to occur in early 2011.

There is the potential to cure Skin Cancers including Melanomas, Breast Cancers,Prostate Cancers, and other solid tumours that can have the injection guided by Ultrasound Technology. No significant side effects of the drug were noted during the treatment of domestic animals and only a single injection of less than a teaspoon of the extract was needed to knock out the tumour without any recurrence of the cancers.

Cases of note were:

  • A large Dog with one side of his sinuses completely invaded by a cancerous growth and after a single injection not only did the cancer disappear but in 15 weeks the delicate sinuses were back to normal.

  • A Horse with a large solid cancerous leg tumour which began to breakdown 24 hours after the injection and had completely disappeared in 2 weeks.

Cancer patients all over the world are anxiously waiting for the results of the human trials which will begin shortly. It is hoped that if the trials are successful that this treatment could be the forerunner of treatments that will cure many more types of cancers.

We frequently hear about new breakthrough treatments of cancer but they usually turn out to be very expensive drugs that may only extend a patients life for a few months and do not actually Cure the Cancer. EBC 46 appears to not only knock out the cancer but triggers the bodies auto immune system into working again to suppress new cancers.

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