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Best Windows XP Registry Cleaner

With Windows XP being so popular and well-established, there's no surprise as to the number of registry cleaners available for it.
There are so many registry cleaners on the market now, that you can easily get confused about which ones are the best for your PC.
Luckily, we've tested all the best registry cleaners and have found a tool which works extremely well on XP.
Although there are a lot of registry cleaners out there, you need to be careful as to which one you use on your PC.
You see, some cleaners are a lot better than others..
because they all just do the same job.
All registry cleaners have been designed to clean out the "registry", which is a big database at the core of XP.
It acts like a virtual memory for your computer, allowing your computer to store and save all different settings and options for your PC; from your computer's network name to what version of Windows you have.
The registry was introduced in Windows '98 and quickly became known as the "Achilles Heel Of Windows" because it is prone to getting corrupted and making your PC run slower and with errors.
The problem is that since it contains so many important files, XP is constantly opening and editing 100's of registry files to help it run.
This is okay, but because XP isn't very powerful, it's constantly saving many of these files in the wrong way, making them corrupt and damaged.
This makes the files incredibly difficult to read, slowing your PC down and causing a number of other problems.
This problem can be fixed with a registry cleaner...
but many XP registry cleaners are not worth your time.
You see, registry cleaners work by scanning all the registry files on your PC and then fixing any of the corrupt ones that are in there.
This means that if you can't find a cleaner which is able to find and fix the most registry files on your PC, you're going to end up with all the problems on your PC still.
And this is actually the case with many of the free cleaners that you can get - they are not powerful enough to clean the most problems from XP, making you waste your time.
That's why its important to use the best registry cleaner for XP.
And having tested all the most popular cleaners, we've found a tool called "RegAce" is best.
This cleaner was only recently released, but it's already become very popular thanks to several advanced features which were designed for Windows 7.
These features include an advanced scanning engine (which finds and fixes the most problems on your PC) and a complete backup facility (which protects your PC from any damage).
Because these features were designed for the latest version of Windows, we found that they were actually very effective on XP as well.

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