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How to Treat Rain Rot or Scald in Horses

    • 1). Bring your horse inside his stable or place a waterproof blanket on your horse when it is raining. Be sure he is in a well-ventilated area. Keep him away from other animals who may also have rain rot. Very young horses, very old horses, and horses with a compromised immune system are all more likely to get rain rot than strong adult horses.

    • 2). Protect your horse from biting insects and other irritants. Keep his tack clean and do not share blankets with other horses, as rain rot is contagious.

    • 3). Remove any scabs you see on the horses body gently by exfoliating and debriding the area with a washcloth or gauze. This is painful for your horse, so fully moisten the scab and allow to soften before removing the scabs.

    • 4). Dry the areas after you have removed all the scabs.

    • 5). Kill the organism that causes mud fever or rain rot. Mix a solution of 10 percent Betadine or Vetadine® soapy wash. Leave this medicine on the coat for 10 to 15 minutes. You may have to use an antibiotic or antimicrobal shampoo. This process will need to be repeated until the rain rot is cured.

    • 6). Apply MTG(Mane Tail Groom), this product contains sulfur which will help kill the fungus and allow the hair and skin to be more healthy. Follow the directions on the bottle. Be sure to wash your hands after handling this product. Use gloves.

    • 7). Repeat this process until the fungus is gone. Use a curry comb to brush out the hard scabs that will remain in the horses hair. Give him a bath if it is warm enough, and put a blanket on to prevent moisture.

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