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How to Be Employee of The Year

    • 1). Be dependable. Come to work on time, don't abuse your sick leave, and follow your company's call off policy. The employee that is habitually late, calls out sick frequently, and breaks the company's policies can make the work environment more difficult for other employees. Think of yourself as part of a team. Employers like team workers.

    • 2). Be flexible. Complete the work that has been assigned to you in a timely manner and willingly accept changes in work assignments. Do not take changes in your work assignment personally. Your employer is task oriented and wants the job done.

    • 3). Take initiative. Once you've completed you work duties take the initiative to complete other tasks that need to be done. If you don't know what needs to be done ask. I have never heard an employer complain that an employee takes too much initiative.

    • 4). Have a positive attitude. A negative attitude can be contagious. It is more pleasant and desirable to work with positive people.

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