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Vision Fitness Has An Interesting Twist to the Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

With all the exercise bike companies and the different price ranges within each company it is hard sometimes to separate which is which.
Many times there is one particular feature you want but it is only on the high-end machines.
Vision Fitness Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike looks like they came up with an interesting twist, by designing one model with three different levels of features.
This article will look at the Pros and Cons of this idea.
With the Vision Fitness Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike, they try to give you a basic frame and seating set up, but offer you three levels of computerized work out programs.
What this means is you can pay a little less for your bike and the magnetic resistance technology, but you can choose the number of built-in programs,and what data is shown on the LCD screen.
The Standard level gives you 16 programs divided up into 7 categories (like mountain, fatburn, intervals etc) and the LCD displays 8 data figure.
Go up to the next level, Deluxe, and you get 16 programs, but with a back-lit LDC screen and a different mix of 7 categories, (like Sprint 8 is added and Muscle Toner taken out) and will display 12 different data.
The top Premium level has 20 built-in programs divided up into the same 8 categories and LCD data.
Added in is custom,goal and HRT program options.
As you can see, the athlete training or the super enthusiast will get a lot out of the Premium Display, and the average person will have their needs met at the Standard Level The Pros of Vision Fitness Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike LCD Options One: A reading rack and cup holder are standard.
Often you only find this in the more expensive bikes.
Two: You will not have to pay for all the jazzed up bike features to get the more intense built-in computerized programs.
Three: This plan makes this machine more affordable, by keeping the standard basic frame.
Four: It also keeps it lightweight, at about 100 lbs, and with wheels on the front it makes it easy to move around in the house to where you want to exercise.
Five: The technology with magnetic resistance recumbent bike makes it silent, so it will not bother others in the room, and you can hear the television.
The Cons of Vision Fitness Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike LSD Options One.
Anyone over 300 lbs cannot use it, so for some families it does not meet the needs of everyone.
Two: It does not just add new programs to each level.
Anyone who likes the Muscle Toner, Incline and Rolling Hills options in the Standard Level will not have those choice in the higher levels.
Something similar is probably there, but it still is not a smooth transition.
Three: The Standard level seating only has a few options for adjusting the seat, and that does not change, so if you do not like the settings, the LCD upgrades will do you no good.
Four: Since it is a semi-Recumbent bike, you do not get the full benefit of the recumbent position which puts a lot less stress on your lower back, shoulders and arms.
You will get some of the benefit, but not at the same ergonomic levels.
Although the Vision Fitness Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike will not be a perfect fit for all, you must admit it has an interesting twist to it.
It would be nice if some of the other recumbent bike manufacturers would follow suit and offer similar more affordable tech options to a basic framework.

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