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Panama City Tourism

    Panama Canal

    • Visit Miraflores Visitors Center to see ships passing through the Panama Canal. Exhibits illustrate the Canal's importance in the world and Canal history with an impressive collection of photographs and other artifacts.

    Panama Le Vieja

    • Explore 16th century Spanish ruins at Panama Viejo. Stop by the adjacent handicraft market to shop for molas and other Panamanian crafts.

    Casco Viejo

    • Stroll the streets of Casco Viejo for a taste of Europe in Central America. This section of Panama City was built by the French during their attempt to build a canal and is notable for its lovely architecture and charming restaurants.

    Metropolitan National Park

    • Hike through a rainforest located in city limits at Metropolitan National Park.

    Al Fresco Dining at the Causeway

    • Relax with a gorgeous view of the city over drinks and dinner at one of the many restaurant in the Amador Causeway, a plaza built on a former military base.

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