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How to Repair Isass.EXE

    • 1). Retrieve your lsass.exe files with the freeware program Smart Recovery 4.5 (see Resources). Download this program online, then install it and run it. When Smart Recovery 4.5 prompts you to do so, choose the PC's "C:/" drive as the location to be scanned. The program will locate deleted files and display them in a list. Pick the lsass.exe files you want to restore, and they will be returned to your computer.

    • 2). Use File Recovery 4 to restore lsass.exe files to your computer (see Resources). Download File Recovery 4 for free on the Internet, then open the program. Pick the hard drive from the drive selection screen. File Recovery 4 will search the drive for deleted items, which will be displayed on the screen. Choose the lsass.exe files you want to recover, and they will automatically be restored to your hard drive.

    • 3). Download the program Recuva for free online in order to reclaim your lsass.exe files (see Resources). Initiate the program, and select the "C:/" drive from the drive selection menu. Recuva will scan the hard drive for deleted files and generate a list of them. Select the deleted lsass.exe files you want, and click the "Restore" button.

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