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NLite for Acne


    • NLite is a yellow medical laser that emits light pulses that work on the lower dermis of the skin where collagen production occurs. The smart pulse laser light kills the bacteria that causes acne and stimulates the skin's natural ability to repair itself and produce collagen. Dermatologists at The Private Clinic stated that the non-invasive laser treatment not only treats acne but has been used also to reduce wrinkles and minimize vascular lesions.


    • Dermatologists at the Solas Dermatology Laser Clinic reported that patients taking NLite treatment experienced no side effects and had little to no scarring. A full facial treatment only takes 30 minutes so that patients are able to resume their normal activities the same day. NLite treatment is appropriate for all skin types and is used to treat other skin areas including the neck,cheeks,mouth, eyes and forehead. According to The Private Clinic, the laser treatment is a quick and painless procedure that does not require any recovery time, compared to other laser resurfacing treatments.


    • In the Lancet Journal of Dermatology, Dr. Tony Chu of Imperial College and Hammersmith Hospital, conducted a randomized controlled trial and found that total acne lesions decreased by 53 percent and total inflammatory lesions decreased by 49 percent. Within the first four weeks of treatment, rapid improvements were noted after administering the laser treatment. Dr. Chu concluded from the trial that inflammatory facial acne improved in 12 weeks after one NLite laser procedure.


    • There is a two-step process to how the NLight treatment works on active acne. The first step of the laser treatment involves killing the bacteria that contributes to the infection under the skin, which causes the lesions. Dermatologists usually treat the entire facial area to ensure that the infection does not spread and to prevent future acne breakouts. The second part of the process involves the laser stimulating the lower dermis, thus increasing new collagen production that aids in healing. According to The Private Clinic, patients' skin has shown a diminished appearance of spots and fewer acne scars as a result.


    • According to the Solas Dermatology Laser Clinic, NLite is not recommended for use by those who may be pregnant, keloid prone, epileptic, on medications that create sensitivity to light or who have a history of poor wound healing. Smokers should not take NLite treatments as this will reduce the results of the treatment. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen can also reduce the results of the NLite treatment.

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