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How to Word No Smoking for Wedding & Reception on an Invitation

    • 1). Request a non smoking emblem on the invitation itself. Most folks design and order professional wedding invitations. These invitations are pre made, but let you custom design them to fit your needs. Most paper supply stores and bridal shops carry these cards and offer the non smoking emblem. A good place to put the emblem is at the bottom of both the wedding and reception invitations. It almost looks like a seal.

    • 2). Stick little non smoking stickers on the outside of the envelope. You can purchase nice looking non smoking stickers at craft stores and scrap-booking stores. Then, place them over the point of the envelope flap after you seal it.

    • 3). Add a line to the bottom of your professionally made invitations. It should read, "This will be a non smoking event. Thank you for your cooperation." This is the most polite way to bluntly say, "No smoking". Be sure it is written in the same style as the invitation itself.

    • 4). Spread the word. Have your close friends and family members mention that your wedding will be a non smoking event. Simply talking about how your day will be non smoking should get the point across.

    • 5). Assign a policing job to the maid of honor, personal attendant, or best man. On your special wedding day, you should not be required to monitor the smoking situation. Give that job to the wedding party. Make sure they know that this issue is non negotiable.

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