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Taking Care of your Natural Stone Floor Tiles

The use of granite and marble tiles in flooring and home decor has gained high popularity nowadays. With the increase in the demand of such marble, granite flooring the number of Slate Stone Tiles Suppliers, Natural Stone and Granite Stone Exporter has increased significantly over the past few years. Most of these Slate Stone Tiles Suppliers, Natural Stone Exporter as well as Granite Stone manufacturer are stationed in India and provide you best quality raw material.

Taking care of your expensive stone floor tiles might be a necessity for you. Since Indian Quartzite Floorings and marble flooring are considered a pricy investment for home decor purpose they require an extra effort from your part for cleaning.

When you clean the stone surfaces using a neutral cleaner make sure that the cleaner is rendered to be safe for the Quartzite or marble Floorings. Indian Quartzite Floorings patterned with pink, brown as well as red color may be very attractive and durable; however you need to take extra care of the same.

Honed quartzite glows softly and is preferred on floors since it apparently gives a furnished look to your floor. As compared to polished quartzite it shows more of dirt, reason being it is more porous. It is good to know that it survives cleansing agents which are much stronger. For cleaning the same you can use clean potable water as well as neutral, softly abrasive cleansing agents. The soft-scrub is very much preferred in this case. You can put the same in clean water following the directions given by the Natural Stone supplier or Granite Stone Exporter.
While cleaning you need to ensure that chlorine bleach is not utilized on a dark colored stone since chlorine bleach affects the stone coloring and may lighten the same.

You can utilize a clean mop as well as soft cloth for cleaning purposes. The amount of cleaning product should be limited and should be as suggested since using a lot of the same may result in a film. Also ensure that the rinsing water is changed frequently. Avoid using products with lemon or vinegar. Acids generally affect the look of marble or limestone. Also, refrain from using scouring powders or creams since such products may scrape the flooring surface. Your countertops need to be cared for and cleaned daily with soft cloth and a good quality neutral cleaner.

You need to take care that your quartzite floorings do not come in contact with sand or dirt; these cause critical damage to your natural stone surfaces due to their abrasiveness. Using rugs in and out your home can help reduce the same.

Since the look and feel of your dream-house depends much upon the well-being of the natural stones, it is important to take proper care of them and ensure its long durability. You can also take suggestions from the Slate Stone Tiles Suppliers, Natural Stone suppliers, Granite Stone exporter about how to take further handle the same.

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