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Stop Premature Ejaculation - 3 Incredibly Easy Techniques to Boost Your Sexual Stamina by 27 Minutes

If you have been searching for a way to stop premature ejaculation and finally give your woman the great sex she is looking for then this is the right article for you.
I want to share with you 3 sure-fire techniques that will end premature ejaculation for you.
I added 27 minutes by using these techniques and so can you...
The Woman On Top Position
This is a really good position to use because it allows the man to lay on his back and the woman straddles him on top.
The man can simply lay motionless as the woman does all the work.
This allows the man to focus on relaxing his muscles and his deep breathing.
As the man approaches the "point of no return" he will grab the woman by the hips and stop her thrusting and start a grinding action.
That is a circular motion in place of an in and out motion.
This will continue to stimulate her clitoris and at the same time allow the man to lower his arousal level.
Perfect Your Stroke
You must learn to stroke properly and the best way to practice (outside of sex itself) is through masturbation.
Simply start stroking the penis head with a slow and medium amount of pressure to the head.
Focus on your arousal level and deep breathing.
Make sure to stop just prior to ejaculation and "squeeze" the head hard to drop your arousal level back down quickly.
Once you have lowered it, resume stroking once again.
Do this as often as you like before finally ejaculating.
Positive Affirmations
It is well known that premature ejaculation is more of a psychological problem than anything else.
Men have a tendency to start thinking about their past poor performances during intercourse and before you know it, they are premature ejaculating once again.
Instead of this negative thinking.
Start thinking about how you are going to totally please her with foreplay and anything else that will produce an orgasm for her.
While stimulating her keep saying to yourself that you are taking her to an orgasm one way or another and as time goes by you will start to last longer simply because you believe you will.
In Summary Discovering methods to stop premature ejaculation is one thing.
Putting them to use is another.
I hope you take action and use the 3 techniques above.
In no time at all you will be lasting longer in bed.
Positive thinking will be your best tool!

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