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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Health Insurance

If you've found your way to this article, chances are that you're looking to purchase health insurance sometime in the near future.
Now perhaps you're not fully sure about what to look for in a health insurance policy, or maybe you're just a little nervous about your upcoming endeavor -- but don't worry, this article has been written just for you! The first thing that I'd like to say regarding health insurance is this: Don't be worried that private health insurance is going to be far more expensive than health insurance would have been under a company plan.
As a matter of fact, I recently heard the story of a woman who ditched her company health plan because she was able to obtain a less expensive health insurance quote on her own! With that being said, the following list is packed with some great tips when it comes to buying health insurance.
Tips for Buying Health Insurance: * Be sure to shop around.
(Contact several different insurance companies).
Policies will differ in both cost and coverage.
If you have an agent (or producer), ask him or her to show you multiple health insurers so that you can compare them.
* Make sure to get the coverage that's right for YOU.
Fully understand the coverage of your policy before you purchase it.
* Be sure that your policy protects you from large (catastrophic) medical costs.
* Know what your policy covers.
Understand what the policy includes and know what the policy excludes.
Also know when the policy begins paying you.
* Be aware of single-disease insurance policies.
These policies will cover you for one disease (such as cancer), but they will not cover you for others (like heart disease).
* Make sure your policy has a "free-look" clause.
This clause allows you to look-over the policy for at least 10 days once you receive it.
(If you decide that the policy isn't for you, you can then return it within the allotted time period and your premium will be refunded).
* If you already have an insurance policy, make sure that you do not purchase duplicate coverage.
Know and understand your current health coverage before purchasing another policy.

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