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Bollywood hot celebrities news 2011

Bollywood Beauty:
Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world of entertainment. There is new things going on and on as fashion, glamour's fun, excitement, popularity, fame, respect, new faces, Bollywood celebrities news moving in around the world. Their dreams and most important thing is wealth. In this glamor world many different movies are made by intelligent film makers. Movies are liked in the all around the world included Hollywood. Very famous and most attractive face of Madhuri has been rule on the heart of the people and in the whole world by her tremendous performance with rose smile. She is still beautiful and has unforgettable smile, she want to put herself in this dream world and still want to be a part of this film Industry. She recently signed out the movie, playing a role of mother of Sonam Kapoor Madhuri Dixit accepted this offer but after some reason she decided not to do this film, Madhuri fans does not want to see her in mother's role and she is too young to be a role of mother.

Sonam Secrets:
According to sources, Sonam Kapoor is dating with Punit Malhotra who is Director of the movie "I Hate Love Story". Punit Mlhotra does not want to disclose about their dating and want to keep secret and hidden but Sonam was happy to telling her friends about dating. Everything had been noted by film producer Karan Johar during a film making and he reminds Punit malhotra to focus on his working.

The most favorite stars:
Dashing, Handsome Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif has been elected the most desirable stars by their fan's pole, After Salman Khan, he is the only one man who is the list of competition by net searching. Katrina Kaif took the First position in the women and last time the winner was Aishwarya Rai. This awesome result collected by 3.1 lakh votes.

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