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Baby Shower Centerpieces - The Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes look like a cake but are a useful baby shower gift.
They are generally a gift consisting mostly of newborn sized diapers but can also be filled with other useful gifts as well that make up the structure of the diaper cake as well as act as decorations.
The idea is to give this as a decorative gift and the Mom-to-be will disassemble it at home and use the items that make up the multiple levels of tiers.
Centerpiece Design Ideas Use various items in the cake including:
  • receiving blankets
  • rattles
  • bibs
  • face cloths
  • stuffed animals
  • personalized items
  • And whatever else you can think of that looks great and fits in.
    Don't forget to take pictures! Use coloured ribbons to hold it together or if you're feeling extra creative, use thin receiving blankets that can be wound like ribbons to hold the diapers in place and you can use multiple layers.
    For diapers you can either use disposables or cloth diapers; they both work well and you can integrate other folded items in between.
    A stuffed animal or bottles can be the crowning glory and if you choose an animal, it can even wear a newborn baby outfit as part of the gift.
    The stuffed animal can be a great item of personalization as well with a cross stitched bib around its neck.
    Baby Shower Decor Diaper cakes make a great centerpiece for the table.
    Of course, you'll probably want to have a real edible cake as well to celebrate the occasion but the tiers of diapers can work great as a centerpiece.
    This makes a great gift from the hostess who is holding the party for the Mom-to-Be as it works well for the party decor as well as serving double-duty as a gift as well.
    You can have a themed cake that works with the colours for the baby's nursery if you like or if the gender of the baby is known, the cake can be the appropriate pink or blue.
    Where to Get Diaper Cakes If you're not the diy type, you can buy a diaper cake from many online sources but there are a number of videos, e-books and tutorials online that you can use to help you come up with ideas for different designs as well as directions on how to make one.

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