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DIY Chimney Sweep

    • 1). Put your tape measure, pen and paper in some kind of bag that will allow your hands to be free to climb the ladder.

    • 2). Use the ladder to climb on your roof.

    • 3). Remove the chimney cap by loosening four thumbscrews at the base or on the lid.

    • 4). Use the tape measure to get the dimensions of the inside of your flue tiles. Write the measurements on the paper.

    • 5). Look at the chimney and check for black soot and buildup (creosote). If there is black soot and a little buildup, you will need a regular wire brush. If the buildup is thick, use a flat wire brush. The brush should be about the size of the flue so that it makes contact with the surface of the chimney.

    • 6). Measure the height of the chimney, from the top to the smoke chamber. A two-story home usually has a chimney about 25 inches high; a one-story home averages about 15 inches. Handles for the chimney comes in three-, four-, five- and six-inch rods that screw together as one piece.

    • 7). Climb down the ladder to your fireplace. Cover the opening of the fireplace with plastic to prevent dust from damaging your furniture.

    • 8). Assemble your chimney sweeper. Attach the right size rods according to the height of your chimney and the brush.

    • 9). Reattach the chimney cap and tighten the screws.

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