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How to Hunt Coyotes Part 1

In this article on how to hunt coyotes I will give you some tips and techniques that I have learned over the past 20 years of coyote hunting.
Scouting: Scouting before you go coyote hunting is important to your success.
We need to find coyotes before we can hunt them.
Scouting simply means looking for coyote "sign".
Sign is simply evidence that coyotes are in the area.
Sign includes tracks, scat (coyote droppings), dens, etc.
Any piece of information you can find to let you know coyotes are in the area.
Other Scouting would include talking with landowners and farmers in the area to ask them if they have seen coyotes on their property.
One more thing I do to scout for coyotes is to drive around in the evenings with my coyote howler call.
I'll drive to places where I plan to hunt the next day.
I'll get out the old howler and blow a long "locater howl".
If there is a coyote in the area many times they will howl back at me.
Equipment: The three basic pieces of equipment you will need to hunt coyotes are a gun, a small backpack, and some predator calls.
I would suggest a rifle chambered in 22-250, .
223, .
220 Swift, or .
These are all good coyote hunting calibers.
If you are hunting at night, I would suggest a 12 gauge shotgun chambered for 3 inch shells loaded with no less than BB size shot.
Your pack is your on choice.
Just something to carry your calls and some water and maybe a snack or two.
Predator calls: Your predator call should be in line with the type of prey in your area.
In other words if you live in Western states, you should most likely want to use a jack rabbit in distress call.
In Midwest and Eastern states you would more likely use a cottontail rabbit in distress call.
I personally believe anyone can blow a distressed type coyote call well enough to call a coyote.
I would however recommend that beginners should use a closed reed call.

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