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How to Make Art Out of Rolled Fabric Remnants

    • 1). Cut the fabric into triangles, varying their size. Make some big enough to wrap around a round oatmeal box, completely covering it, others large enough to wrap around a toilet paper roll, and others big enough to fit around a pencil.

    • 2). Tear pieces of newspaper into long strips. Also tear some into bits the size of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. They don't need to be perfectly round.

    • 3). Lay down a few sheets of newspaper on your work surface.

    • 4). Mix water and craft glue in equal amounts in a small bowl using a wooden stirrer.

    • 5). Dab a bit of glue onto a toilet paper roll with a sponge brush. Wrap a large fabric triangle around the roll, starting with the wide end of the triangle and rolling it until the fabric completely covers the roll. The pointed end should be on top. Glue down the pointed end and let the glue dry. Do this with all of the toilet paper rolls and set them aside to dry.

    • 6). Remove the ends of the round oatmeal boxes. Repeat the process described in Step 5, wrapping triangle-shaped fabric around the oatmeal boxes.

    • 7). Wrap the smallest pieces of fabric around the pencils but do not glue them to the pencils; the rolls will be small enough so that they won't need the reinforcement. Only glue the pointed ends. Wrap the fabric tightly around the pencils and put a good bit of glue on the pointed ends.

    • 8). Allow the glue to dry on the fabric-wrapped pencils before sliding the material off the pointed end of each pencil.

    • 9). Paste some of the newspaper strips and bits onto the toilet paper rolls and oatmeal boxes, as if you're making paper mache. Don't cover the fabric completely, however. The fabrics' patterns and textures should peek out from under the newspaper.

    • 10

      Paint the newspaper pieces, once they've dried.

    • 11

      Paint the scrap board. The more oddly shaped the board is, the better.

    • 12

      Glue the various pieces of rolled fabric onto the painted scrap board. Use undiluted craft glue or a glue gun. Experiment with placing different sized rolls, different fabric colors and different material patterns next to one another until you have achieved your desired look.

    • 13

      Spread two or three coats of the diluted craft glue mixture onto the entire artwork and allow it to dry.

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