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Ejaculate More - Why You Can"t and How to Overcome It

Times are definitely changing.
Fertility problems have been associated with female inadequacy for the longest time.
However, recent medical reports demonstrate that 4 out of 10 infertility problems of the world have been attributed to males.
Tests usually reveal factors such as low sperm count or unhealthy sperm as the major culprit.
Medical experts list down several reasons why men are not able to ejaculate more and produce healthy, viable sperm: 1.
Varicoceles - This is a medical condition associated with dilated scrotal veins, resulting to hampered production of good, healthy sperm.
Sperm Disability - When men are having trouble producing adequate seminal fluids and cannot ejaculate more, there is not enough semen volume to ensure that sperm reaches its desired destination.
Premature Ejaculation.
This condition can be brought about by several factors such as muscle malfunction or nervous system failure.
Stress also plays a significant role why men are not able to control ejaculations.
Hormonal Imbalance 5.
Prolonged exposure to heat or hot surroundings.
Excessive alcohol consumption.
Smoking or recreational drug use.
Genetic defects.
While the list may go on and on, men shouldn't lose hope as above cases can either be treated by medical procedures or simply avoided by changing your lifestyle.
Here are some of the best tips to increase sperm count and help you ejaculate more.
Live a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.
Incorporate healthy foods in your diet.
Fresh fruits and vegetables can increase the level of antioxidants in your body and maximize sperm production.
Foods rich in vitamins, protein, selenium and zinc will especially alleviate bigger semen volume and increase sperm count.
Living a stress-free life will help you focus your concentration during the sexual act and allow you to be able to ejaculate more.
There are also many special herbs and oil that promote male sexual function.
Chinese herb ginseng, astral Gus, sunflower oils, certain fish oils and even pumpkin seeds can particularly increase sperm count.
There are also male enhancement pills in the market, made of these all-natural herbs that can remarkably address semen volume issues and help you ejaculate more.

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