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Choosing Your Wedding Desserts

When you think of classic wedding album images, a photo of a white, three-tiered wedding cake is undoubtedly one that springs to mind.
 But how about branching out a bit and offering guests some alternatives to this tried-and-true dessert formula? Cupcakes and cookies are becoming a popular option among couples and guests alike.
Each one can be personalized with a particular design, message or even a photo of the bride and groom.
If you are already planning to set up food stations for your reception, it makes sense to plan an exciting dessert station as well.
Think sundaes, bowls of candy, truffles or cheesecake.
Guests will appreciate being able to serve themselves whenever they wish - plus, kids will love it.
Looking for a classy option that can also create a striking shot for the wedding photo albums? In recent years, there has been a trend of including a chocolate fountain at a wedding buffet, complete with fruit and other goodies for dipping.
Couples who want to add a personal touch to their reception meal can choose to base the dessert on a particular memory that is special to them.
For example, a bride and groom who met in France could serve crème brulee or chocolate croissants.
The same holds true for family heritage - break out the pecan pie or the strudel! Remember that since it's your wedding, you have the ultimate say over which dessert to serve.
If you think jelly donuts or vanilla malts best represent your style, go for it.
This will add a unique touch to your reception - and the wedding albums.

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