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Ideas for Princess 1st Birthday Party Invitations

    Photo Collage

    • Odds are that you have a slew of pictures documenting your little princess's first year of life. A photo collage, showing one picture for each month of her life is easy and fun to create. There are several online services that will help you design, create and then print your invitations for a nominal fee. Even some discount retailers offer websites that you can upload your precious photos to for use in cards and the like. Center the pictures around a tiny tiara, and wording about your little princess and you have a beautiful keepsake invitation.

    Tiny Glass Slipper

    • Few things in this world are more precious than tiny little baby feet. Using a little creativity, you can give your little princess' feet the glass slipper treatment and turn them into perfect party invitations. Using pink paint, capture your little girl's tiny footprint. Take slightly transparent scrapbook paper or velum and cut it into the shape of a dainty glass slipper to fit around her foot. Emboss your invitation wording into the velum. Punch a hole at the top of both the paper with the foot and the velum and tie them together with a delicate ribbon.

    Princess and the Pea

    • Most everyone recalls the story of the princess and the pea. You can create a sweet and simple invitation that evokes this classic tale for your baby's first birthday invitation. Take green paper, fold it in half and cut it into the shape of a pea pod. Take darker green paper and cut out two or three circles that will be peas. Write the invitation information on the peas and glue them into place, saving a spot in the middle for the most important pea in the pod---a smiling face, in flesh tone, wearing a simple crown.

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