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How I Met My Spiritual Master Part 2 "The Lessons"

HOW I MET MY SPIRITUAL MASTER/TEACHER IN BROOKLYN CHAPTER 2 "THE LESSONS" I shared with you in Chapter One that I had agreed to have I.
teach me and that we would make Monday's our lesson day.
Monday mornings it was.
Almost every Monday morning for 17 years, that is almost 1000 private sessions with the Spiritual Elder Brother of the Race.
But that is not the only time I met with and talked to I.
Just being in his presence filled me with joy and a burning desire to know more and more about the mysteries of life and the Universe so I found other ways to see him.
My soul thirsted for his knowledge and it seemed that his wealth of wisdom was infinite.
The more I met with him and entered his presence and soaked in his vibrations the more I changed.
Not so much on the outside but on the inside.
The Ellis who went to Seagate that first night does no longer exist.
There is as much difference between the Ellis then and the Ellis now, who pens this chapter, as there is between a caterpillar and a butterfly.
A caterpillar lives in a two dimensional world with its nose always in the ground (like so many people do today).
A butterfly has added the dimension of flight to his being and can soar as high as he wishes.
Now I would like to share with you a typical "Lesson with I.
" Not that there was anything typical about them.
Each lesson was unique and the Ellis that walked into the lesson was not the Ellis who walked out.
At that time I worked as an electrical engineer for the Board of Education in Queens, New York.
I was in charge of 100 schools and it was my duty to keep them running electrically.
I would visit 3-4 schools every morning and then go to the office to do my paper work and fill out work orders.
But on Monday's my new first stop was Seagate and my lesson.
Seagate was at the very end of Coney Island.
I would drive down Neptune Ave and stop at the greasy spoon restaurant and order two fried egg sandwiches on hard rolls and two large coffees.
They didn't use Styrofoam cups then but had the real sturdy cardboard ones.
When I got to I.
F's house the door was always open and I would go in and climb the stairs.
would be in his favorite green leather recliner.
He loved that old duct taped chair and he would spend more time meditating and astral traveling from it than he spent walking on the Earth.
We sat at the card table opposite each other on folding chairs.
He always had plates and napkins ready for the egg sandwiches and coffee had become part of our opening ritual.
Besides he loved to eat.
He always got up at 3AM because he said the hours between 3AM and 5AM were the best time of the day for meditation and making contact with the Higher Ones.
He said the race psyche (what he called massive humanity) was still sleeping and messages could get through in both directions.
He said it was the best time to pray and ask for guidance from the Higher Ones.
For the first fifteen minutes we chatted and ate.
All the time he would be squinting and looking at me.
He could read my aura and my thoughts as easily as you are reading this chapter.
Bedside the prepared lessons he always had for me, be it Tarot, Astrology, Kabala.
Magic or methods of divination he used these first fifteen minutes to check me out.
To see where I "WAS AT.
" He checked what processes his presence and teachings had started within me.
This kind of one-on-one spiritual training not only affected your mind, your soul and your level of being it also causes physiological changes within your body.
You can't get this from reading a book.
It was his responsibility to keep me safe and healthy and he kept checking to see if the processes were moving too fast or too slow and then make an adjustment.
Consciousness raising, which is what spiritual training is all about is an alchemical process.
Oh, by the way, if I was in a bad mood, angry or in any other bad state he would be standing at the top of the stairs and when I came through the downstairs door he would yell "stop! Don't you come into my home with those negative vibrations.
Put the coffee down and go sit on the beach and let the elements of wind, sun, water and sand clean you out.
" Since he lived only a block from the ocean I would go there and sit and meditate the way he taught me.
I invoked the four elements using a sort of self-exorcism meditation.
When I felt all the negative vibrations had been blown away I went back.
One of I.
's basic teachings is that negative emotions are alive and live outside of you on the lower astral plane.
You attract them into your aura by your own thoughts and emotions.
said that neither I nor anybody else had the right to bring their negative emotions into the presence of anyone else, and pollute them.
Not even a dog or cat.
He was really strong on this point.
We must all be responsible for our own negative states and clean them out of our aura before we come into contact with anyone else.
If you work in a very negative environment then you should take what he called 'cleansing shower' before you made contact with your wife and family.
So we sat there, opposite each other, and I practiced my 'born-die' breathing for fifteen minutes while he sat there with his arms folded across his chest and eyes closed.
Then we would discuss what he saw in my aura.
We talked about the events in my live (your life is made up of events).
But he spoke to me not on an ordinary level like you or I would speak.
He taught me the meanings of the events in my life from a cause and effect level.
Every event that comes into your live, you caused it.
Why? He explained to me why.
Next followed my lesson be it Tarot, Astrology, etc.
He had many rare old books on every subject with exceptional charts and teaching diagrams I have never seen anywhere before or since.
I was particularity drawn to Pythagoras and his spiritual numerology.
I also enjoyed his Egyptology lessons.
said most of the magic and mysticism of the West came from Egypt.
Egypt came from Atlantis.
He explained the ancient hieroglyphics to me.
On special days he would bring out his own personally hand written notebooks and allow me to copy a few pages into my notebook.
The whole lesson took about 2 hours.
I would than thank him and go off to my first school.
I couldn't wait for the next Monday to roll around.
But I kept busy reading the books he lent me and going over my notes from the lesson.
He was never out of my thoughts.
In 17 years I was never once bored nor did I lose my desire to be with him and be in his presence.
Tomorrow is Monday and I wish I could make that trip down Neptune Ave to see him again.
See you in Chapter three, your friend Ellis

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