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M. dee dee White, nurse practitioner, provides more than 15 years of varied critical care nursing experience with her to the Holtorf Medical Group, Inc. She obtained her graduate degree in the University of California Los Angeles, Ca and got her nurse practitioner coaching with concentrated emphasis in Grownup Cardiology. Upon end, she spent 5 years of her experience at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It was during this time she also became really active in medical research particular to disorder prevention with various on-going research studies. She was co-investigator for the EISNER research study and worked closely to the NOET and REGION study.

are common and happen in up to 1 5 to 30% of the US population. Like most thyroid ailments, they're more common among women than men. In addition, the chance of having a thyroid nodule increases with age and from the time a woman is 60, there's a 60% chance that she could have a thyroid nodule. Although many thyroid nodules could be felt by the patient or by a physician during bodily examination, more and more nodules are being discovered incidentally throughout an imaging test (like carotid USG or CAT scan) being done for a different reason.

Diagnosing hypothyroidism has triggered an on-going debate in the health care community over what hormone amounts represent a hormone deficiency. Generally, doctors make use of the TSH (thyroid blood test to identify thyroid conditions. (TSH stands for thyroid stimulating hormone.) TSH is produced in the brain's pituitary gland. A pituitary that produces extra TSH signals that the thyroid is working below par and consequently requires more stimulus than ordinary. The difficulty lies in explaining the conventional range for TSH amounts. Dr. Kellman has discovered that even in the edges of the so called "normal"variety, several patients suffer from untreated hypothyroidism, with somewhat diminished health.

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a fine needle aspiration biopsy--a safe, relatively painless procedure. With this particular procedure, a hypodermic needle is passed to the lump, regularly after administration of local anesthesia into the skin, and tissue fluid samples containing cells are taken. Frequently several passes with the needle are needed. Occasionally sonography may be used to direct the needle into the nodule. There's little pain afterward and hardly any complications in the procedure occur. This evaluation provides the physician more info on the nature of the lump in your thyroid gland and specifically may help to distinguish a benign from a malignant thyroid mass.

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