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How to Remove a Lazy Susan From a Corner Cabinet

    • 1). Open the doors of the corner cabinet and position your body so that your head and shoulders are inside the cabinet. In this position, you can see how the lazy Susan is mounted. Use a flashlight if the cabinet is dark and you find seeing the shelf's hardware a challenge.

    • 2). Locate the pin on the shaft of the lazy Susan that allows you to lengthen or shorten it to fit different cabinet heights. Remove the pin and any subsequent pins along the shaft.

    • 3). Remove the shelves off the lazy Susan by undoing the screws or bolts that hold them in place, if applicable. Many different styles of lazy Susan employ different shelf styles. If the shelves do not come off the lazy Susan easily, push the opposite ends of the shaft together so that it becomes shorter. It will pop out of the mounting brackets on the top and bottom of the corner cabinet, allowing you to remove the entire assembly.

    • 4). Unscrew the brackets on the top and bottom of the corner cabinet with an appropriate screwdriver.

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