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Ideas for a Baby Can Walk Scrapbook Layout

Updated September 15, 2011.

Scrapbookers often include a special baby can walk layout in their albums to celebrate a child's first steps.

Taking Pictures for a Baby Walking Layout

When taking pictures for a baby walking scrapbook layout, remember to kneel or squat so you are at your child's eye level. You want your scrapbook page to emphasize how big and independent your child is becoming, which is hard to do if you have photographs of the top of his head.

Taking a succession of pictures can be a fun way to indicate movement on your baby scrapbook page. Use the continuous shooting or burst mode on your digital camera to snap a series of pictures as your baby is walking towards a favorite toy, the family pet, or an older sibling.

Designing a Baby Can Walk Scrapbook Page

Baby feet are a natural embellishment choice for a baby learning to walk scrapbook layout. You can purchase baby feet stickers, rub-ons, charms, chipboard shapes, and rubber stamps wherever scrapbook supplies are sold. However, including your baby's footprint on your scrapbook layout makes for a frugal and meaningful embellishment. Use a washable dye ink pad and enlist a helper to make sure your baby doesn't run away before you've had a chance to clean him up!

Baby walking shoes also make great embellishments for a baby learning to walk scrapbook page. Consider using the macro setting on your digital camera to take a close up photo of your baby's favorite pair of shoes. Use the photo as an accent for your journaling block or blow it up and reduce the opacity to create your own patterned paper background.

First Steps Journaling Ideas

When journaling on your baby walking scrapbook page, make sure you note how old your baby was when he reached this milestone and where it happened. You may also want to include details such as who was present for the event and whether or not you had been anticipating his first steps.

Possible page title ideas for your baby scrapbook layout include:
  • Look Who's Walking!
  • On the Move
  • Look at Me Go!
  • These Boots Were Made for Walking
  • My First Steps
  • One Step at a Time
  • Ready or Not, Here I Come!

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