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How to Install Concrete Drop-In Anchors

    • 1). Mark the desired location of the anchor on the concrete with a pencil. Mount a concrete drill bit to the hammer drill's chuck. Bind a strip of electrical tape around the drill bit to mark the depth of the anchor's hole. For anchors flush with the concrete's surface, holes are generally equivalent in depth to the anchor's length. For applications that require the anchor to protrude above the concrete's surface, the depth of the hole is less than the anchor's length.

    • 2). Position the drill bit's tip over the hole mark and drill into the concrete until the electrical tape indicates the desired depth of the hole. Remove debris from the anchor hole with bursts of air from an air compressor or by running a tube brush through the hole.

    • 3). Drop the drop-in anchor into the hole until the anchor's butt sits against the hole's bottom. Insert the tapered tip of the drop-in anchor setting tool into the interior of the anchor until the setting tool's tip rests snugly against the anchor's bottom surface. While applying forward pressure to the setting tool, strike the butt of the setting tool with a hammer. Apply several swift, strong hammer blows to the setting tool's butt to ensure that the anchor expands and grips the sides of the hole.

    • 4). Thread a bolt into the anchor's interior. Gently pull on the bolt's head to determine if the anchor expanded. If the anchor pulls away from the hole, remove the bolt from the anchor and use the setting tool to apply additional blows to the anchor. If the anchor grips the concrete hole, thread the bolt into the anchor by hand. Use a wrench to fully tighten the bolt into the drop-in anchor's body.

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