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eFoods Global Review - A 3rd Party Perspective

Background There is a lot of talk going on around the industry regarding a new company called eFoods Global.
There's a very good chance that if you have discovered this eFoods Global review you're either thinking of getting in or you're already in and want more info.
In either case, I suggest going through this entire review so that you're best informed to make a calculated decision on if eFoods Global is actually the correct choice for you.
eFoods Global is co-founded by six individuals: Brad Stewart, Barbara Rossberg, Brad Reese, Marvin Higbee and Michael Rossberg, all of which possess a good deal of of experience in sales and marketing.
Steve Shenk, the company's CEO, has well over 35 years of business experience.
The company was created in fall of 2010 and is headquartered out of Midvale, Utah.
The company's mission objective is "to build innovative brands and systems that improve the personal security of each life we touch.
We strive to manifest excellence in every aspect of our business and always do the right thing by putting people first.
" Products eFoods Global produces storable food products that are designed to last long periods of time, up to fifteen years.
Imagine a catastrophic event occurs like a ice storm, earthquake or war, the company provides products that can be consumed in times of famine that might accompany one of these occurrences or the food can sustain those that may have suffered financial loss.
Instead of preservatives, eFoods Global products are dehydrated and processed with co2, which provides a much more healthy alternative to other similar food products on the market.
Some of the food choices include but are not limited to: oatmeal, cereal, various muffins, soup choices, etc.
They even offer full size entrees.
All [the eFoods Global products are approved for kosher diets as well.
Opportunity eFoods Global Distributors are given a website to monitor all transactions including order tracking, product sales, commissions and downline team production.
Also, reps are given a replicated website along with various tools to help sign-up new members.
There is an initial membership fee of about $30 that needs to be paid every year.
Aside from the initiation cost, each member needs to maintain a monthly autoship to remain active within the compensation plan.
eFoods Global implemented the highly popular and very lucrative binary structure.
This means that each distributor needs only to build two "legs", a right team and a left team.
Once a rep enrolls one person on each team (left and right) he or she is then qualified to earn binary commission which is 10% of the lesser volume "team".
There is a total of 7 ways to generate income.
"Now" income is earned through personal sales bonuses (up to twenty five percent on personal retail sales), new enrollee bonuses (thirty five bucks per new rep), and an override bonus on people your team signs up (15$-$75).
Long term money is acquired through check matching bonuses (5-25 %) up through 5 levels of your team.
For the most part the pay plan looks fair and can be quite profitable IF you know how to duplicate your efforts.
There are pluses and minuses to every Compensation Plan so make sure you understand all the requirements needed to achieve certain ranks within the company.
A word of caution: just by signing up with eFoods Global does not in any way promise success.
The company just provides a platform and a vehicle for you to build a business.
They offer you some good tools and products, but in the end your success will totally rely on your ability to build a huge downline.
You need to sponsor and train distributors, market products, and generate commissions.
If you do, you have a great chance at success.
To greatly increase your chances of success with eFoods Global, you will greatly decrease the time it takes to have success by utilizing a marketing system that can help you generate hundreds of leads a day for your eFoods Global business.
Without a steady stream of people to talk to, your business will never grow.

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