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No One Is Safe

In the past five years more than 6 thousand people have lost their lives in Karachi in targeted killings. This hecatomb has cast a pall on the city of lights, Karachi. The government makes promises about stopping this senseless killing spice but the bloodbath doesn't seem to abate. The counstabulary police etc are mere bystanders in this genocide.

The audacity with which the killers carry out their executions shows that they don't fear the law as no one is ever apprehended or if anyone is ever caught the conviction rater are very low and most target killers either go scot free or in carcerated for short periods before their "patrons" boil them out.

The major reason of target killings is political affiliation, belonging to a certain ethnicity, cast or creed. On the loose are militant factions aligned to different political parties. Also on the prowl are target killers of sectarian outfits and banned organizations. There have been many crack downs against different groups and the rangers carry out operations in different parts of the city, but this has not had the desired results. The killers still are on a rampage seeming like a juggernaut that simply cannot be stopped. Other tactics were employed by the administration but that too yielded nothing. The government seems to be putting the cart before the horse. It's common knowledge that political parties in Karachi have their armed wings, and yet the government seems helpless in apprehending the culprits. The situation looks graver when we observe that the party with the largest mandate is accused of being the main instigator. How can there be any accountability when the law makers are breaking the law?

Seeing the worsening Law and Order situation. The Supreme Court convened a hearing in Karachi on target killing. In its observation, the Supreme Court found all parties in the city of being guilty and colluding with target killers. The act of killing ones opponent sets forth a never ending chain of events, a vicious cycle that engulfs the whole city. Innocent bystanders are often killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. To stop this terror and mayhem and to provide security to all denizens of Karachi, the government must depoliticize the police, dismiss all political recruits. And deal with miscreants with a heavy hand. That is the only way to stop target killers with draconian methods they must be annihilated so the peace returns to Karachi.

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