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Photoshop Online - Quick Service of Image Processing

The free version is known to all graphic editor Photoshop without registration and any restrictions. Specially for those who are too lazy to install Photoshop on your computer. Photoshop online this is a great opportunity to work with graphic editor establishing and not overload your computer.

Today, we offer you more time to make sure that photoshop does wonders. And specifically, to see what you can make of your pictures.

To make the text effect in photoshop, look at the below pictures and just repeat. Create a new document, fill it with black, after you select the Horizontal type (Horizontal Type Tool to write text and applied til Stroke (Layer Style - Stroke), and all values as in the photo: photo text After you choose Outer glow (Outer Glow) and make the following settings, see below: photo text, Then choose the tool Outer shadow (Inner shadow (Blend mode), Multiply, and the color of your choice and custom

Creating a document in photoshop (Ctrl + N), take the size 800x800 and expanding take 72dpi. Scroll through the texture for the smoke to better show. smoke Add light to the background became better, but first, let's shadow. Select the brush (Brush Tool (B), reduce stiffness to zero and the size set to medium. After the left and right edge of the canvas sketch, a black brush, then brush do more white color and draw a big white stain. Work with Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool (T), in order to write the text. Select the font. After Rasterize the text (Rasterize Type). Then you can apply the Gaussian Blur (Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur) set the value of the Radius of 2 to 3 pixels. Opacity is lowered to 85%, after taking tool Rectangular area and allocated the first letter, copy it on a separate layer Ctrl + J, so do all the letters, then use the Move will post letters to different levels. photo smoke After combine layers. Now make a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N)to draw the smoke. photo smoke After work with the tool Finger (Smudge Tool). photo smoke Intensity put 20%, and now spread all letters. smoke, Do it until you're satisfied. photo smoke Finished, take the Eraser (Eraser Tool), lower the opacity, and obrasovanie the text so that it becomes transparent. photo smoke And in the end, create layers are correct, Levels (Layer " New adjustment layer - Levels) (Layer " New Adjustment Layer - Levels). photo smoke It is not so difficult, but requires time. And how much you will need depends on your abilities. Good luck with Photoshop online.

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