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The Advantages of Buying a New Car


    • While the price of a new car is higher than that of a used one (of the same make and model), you must take repair costs and gas mileage into consideration to make accurate comparisons.


    • Each new year, car manufacturers come out with new and inventive ways to keep passengers safe, making new cars safer than older models in many cases.


    • Interest rates on car loans many times are lower and can be extended for longer terms on new cars. So it's feasible that even though a new car may have a higher price tag, the monthly payment could be lower than on a used car.


    • New cars come with warranties that cover repairs, usually for at least the first 30,000 miles. Extended warranties can be purchased for up to 100,000 miles. Most used cars do not include warranties, unless purchased from a dealer.


    • The newest cars have the latest and most advanced technology. These "toys" can add intrinsic value to a new car, making it more appealing to the buyer.

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