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Marketing - Define A Market Niche To Sell Your Services To - An Eight Step Process

When we work to define and refine our market niche, we make a mistake if we go no deeper than "someone who can pay".
Yes, that is an aspect of a niche, but it is a much more complex issue to clarify a niche.
If you've been struggling to define your market niche - and many do - here is a process you can use.
How about starting at the other end of niche definition and examining your passions.
Suspend "practicality" for a while, and examine what excites you.
When you think of work you can do and have done - that made a positive difference to others, what comes to mind? What group of people were most gratifying to work with? Who got the best results from your work? Write down all the ideas that come to mind.
Some of these might seem small or subtle, and without writing them they would be lost to you.
Include everything - volunteer work, useful activities, hobbies, early work experiences.
Delve deep and wide.
Go back over all this information and see what you discover.
You may find a pattern that you had never fully recognized before - a foreshadowing of a niche winding through the years and decades of your past.
What has always been a passion for you? What's always lit you up and given you a thrill? 3.
Now that you're getting an idea of the potential shape of your niche, explore the characteristics of the other people involved.
What was most gratifying about working with them? What kinds of results did you help them get? What difference did you make? Does this suggest a more defined niche you'd be interested in targeting? 4.
What if you're just coming up with zilch during this exercise?
Perhaps your "practicality antenna" is getting in your way.
Maybe you're concerning yourself too soon with whether or not your target niche market can pay.
Don't worry about that for the time being.
Go back into the exercise and pay attention to any area that has a strong pull for you.
If you have some faint inklings, dredge them up.
They may be faint because they've been long suppressed.
Lay all this information out on paper for yourself.
Now that you have an inkling, suggestion, idea, direction, start to write more and more details.
What are the problems your potential market niche has? How do these problems affect their lives? How do they suffer from the problem? What are they saying about the issue? 6.
What does your market niche want for a solution?
What do they long to have instead of their problem? What clear picture can you write describing what their life would be like with the solution you provide? What have people said to you in the past about the solution you've helped them have? How were they changed with this resolution to their issue? 7.
Now that you have a fairly clear outline of your niche, go back and look at the issue of their ability to pay.
Is it possible to work with the niche you define, and change your business offerings in such a way that your work together helps them be able to afford you? Are there ways to upgrade the social/financial status of the market, while still working with the same issues? Are you able to write your offer in such a way that your target market "steps up their game" to be able to buy from you? Open your mind to greater possibilities than you have considered before.
Release any self-limiting beliefs.
Put your ideas away and revisit it again after a few days.
By now you've got a really solid niche definition.
Put it away for a few days come back to afresh and see what new ideas you bring to the concept.
Add this new content.
This process produces a fulfilling, gratifying, and financially rewarding niche definition.
Now make it happen.

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