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Which is the Best Candlemaking Mold to Use?

There are lots of kinds of mold that one could use in candlemaking.
All the molds listed in the following paragraphs are widely available from craft shops.
The most used mold at the moment are metal molds.
These are durable and heat resistant.
However if you'd like molds which are flexible you need to consider Silicone,Polyurethane,Latex or Plastic Molds.
Of the four flexible molds the cheapest is plastic, but it really has significant disadvantages compared to the other molds.
Aluminium Molds Description Metal containtainers dominate the candlemaking process.
They have become durable and are also heat resistant.
Fortunately they are easy to wash.
Here is a list of the various shapes that metail containers are available in.
  • Square
  • Round
  • Scalloped
  • Triangular
Silicone The most recent molds being used today are silicone.
They offer significant advantages over other types of molds.
These are durable and flexible.
They are made from a rubber base.
One of the advantages of the silicone mold is that you do not need a release agent to remove the candle.
They also do not leave seams in the candle whenever you release it.
The largest disadvantage with silicone molds is that they're expensive.
Polyurethane Polyurethane molds are flexible but do not stretch well.
Polyurethane molds when stretched do not always retain their original shape.
Because they do not stretch as well, some polyurethane molds have a split down the side that allows them to be demolded easier.
This does leave a noticeable parting line.
They are usually cheaper than silicone rubber molds.
They do need release agents and sometimes have a strong odor that can pass to your candle.
Many large pillar and taper candles are made from polyurethane.
When your candle hobby turns into a thriving business, polyurethane molds are a definite choice for mass manufacturing of unique shaped candles.
Latex Molds Description If you prefer to make your own molds at home by using liquid latex and painting it onto a structure at home, this can also be done.
This obviously provides you with bigger choice in every areas of shape and size.
To make your latex molds you should apply many coats of latex.
Plastic The lowest priced candle molds are of the plastic variety but they are not always the very best in quality.
The lifespan of the candle mold is drastically reduced when compared with other molds since they are often more brittle after extended use.
The upside of plastic molds is that they are easy to clean.
Use some warm water and a little soap to clean and make certain the mold is totally dry before reusing.
Using before it dries completely can cause bubbles to form in the candle.
A good mold for someone starting out in the hobby but to be taken seriously as a candle maker you would have to put your hard earned money in to a different types but as always with candlemaking it is usually what works best with you and what you feel is making your candlemaking easier.

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