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Obama is Helping Americans Keep Their Homes - He Spent 75 Billion!

With inflation on the rise, foreclosure rate jumping through the roof and the amount of national debt slowly but surely creeping up at an alarming rate, the grim prospect of having your home repossessed for non-payment of mortgage payments is an unpleasant reality for more and more American families.
Fact: Obama's new plan is a plan that has not had a lot of coverage in the news, but it has already helped over 4 million homeowners keep their homes as their new payments will be no more than 38%of their monthly income! The US Government, under the sterling guidance of Barack Obama, has realised that this simply cannot go on in the long run because it is having too adverse an effect on the economy as a whole.
To that effect, a significant amount of money has been specifically earmarked to help citizens save their homes from repossession, and with an estimated $75 billion being put down as a safety net, the future looks just a little brighter.
Obama has adopted a holistic approach in order to help to turn the tide of the recession that is currently gripping the nation's economy in such a firm grasp, and so not only is there additional funding being made available to qualifying candidates but also debt counselling as well.
A common complaint and criticism cited about such government initiatives in the past was that they did not provide any sort of long term solution, and instead were little more than a short term fix, a band aid to a gunshot wound.
Obama has made sustained assistance a top priority and this is clearly reflected in the way his policies work, for example, people who qualify for financial aid from the government can have one thousand dollars per annum for a maximum period of five years to go towards their debts.
This is 100% free for US citizens only!

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