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Maintain the million bucks smile with Special dental services

Appearance sure does matter and even if one's got the most impressive credentials, appearance makes the first impression. The mouth is the structural part of the body that impacts visual as well as communicative presentation. Going for an interview with an unresolved periodontal issue is definitely not the right call. But professionals have all the answers for all dental sorrows.

Is brushing, flossing and rinsing sufficient for healthy teeth?

From a very young age, children are taught to brush teeth twice everyday and follow it up with flossing and rinsing. The three step oral hygiene is fundamental at its core and is quite effective in shielding teeth and gums from cavities, Gum disease, bad breath, infections etc. But it is not always adequate to undo the damage. Chipped teeth, yellow teeth, tooth erosion etc can't simply be dealt with cleansing and flossing.

Dentists have professional medicinal, surgical solutions for all these teeth issues. Yellow teeth can be brightened up in a matter of hours with teeth whitening, chipped teeth can be repaired perfectly with caps and inlays or through reshaping. Numerous adults take oral health lightly but it is just as important as cardiac or digestive health.

Dental procedures are available for basic oral health, appearance enhancement and overall wellness. Special Care Dental Services Bostoncan also be sought for curbing hurdles that overshadow the beautiful, glinting smile. As part of the special care services, dental assistance is given for

Teeth Cleaning and restoration

Fillings, replacements and crowns

Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy

Teeth reshaping and whitening


Cosmetic Dentistry for men

Age Defying Dentalift

Ceramic onlays etc

Bacteria and Teeth

Bacterial infections in the teeth are a commonly reported problem and can be easily treated without much pain if caught early on. Bacteria corrode the teeth and break the root down that leads to pain, lesion and infection. Professional remineralization helps in curbing it.

Appearance and Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry has been around for long but with time, people are beginning to realize the potential of the processes. Cosmetic procedures for teeth can be used to enhance the appearance like teeth cleaning-whitening and also to repair damage caused by an injury like broken or chipped tooth.

Over the counter teeth whitening processes are available but getting it done via Special Care Dental Services Boston is far more time and money saving.

Dental health and the rest of the body

Dental health also closely affects the entire body such as passing off bacteria in the blood and is similarly affected by the way rest of the body works. For instance, cancer patients are at risk of developing tooth decay, infections, mouth sores, inflammation etc due to oncology. In fact, some studies have linked tooth decay and similar problems with cardiac issues, stroke. Pregnant women are most in need of professional dental assistance while carrying as pregnancy often causes mouth dryness, Gingival enlargement, enamel loss due to nausea, gingival inflammation etc. However, with regular dental checkups, these dental hurdles can be sorted harmlessly.


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