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Vestibular Exercises

    Walking Exercises

    • If just starting these exercises, have someone present in case you get dizzy. You should perform the exercises at least three times daily for at least six to 12 weeks or until the dizziness disappears. If you have no dizziness for two weeks, you can stop the exercises.

      With one foot in front of the other or heel to toe, walk in a straight line for five minutes. Then can try walking across the room with eyes open and then shut, the latter with assistance.

      To increase dizziness and learn how to cope, add head turning to your walking, turning your eyes and head left and right with every other step. Walk approximately 20 feet and perform this exercise three. Following a break between repetitions, try it an additional three times while looking at the ceiling or floor.

    Standing Exercises

    • Without touching the wall, stand with one foot in front of the other for 30 seconds, with the heel touching your other foot's toes. You can close your eyes during this exercise, but first make sure you can do it properly with your eyes open. You can perform a similar exercise by standing on a cushion or pillows.

      You can try these exercises if you have some assistance: While standing, throw a small rubber ball from hand to hand above eye level, and then proceed to throw the ball from hand to hand under one knee; stand with your heels together, look straight ahead and hold your balance; stand on one foot, first with eyes open and then shut.

    Sitting Exercises

    • After completing your standing exercises, switch from standing to sitting and back again, 20 times with your eyes open and 20 times with them closed.

      While sitting, shrug your shoulders 20 times, and then turn them to the right and left 20 times. Move your upper body right to left, and then left to right, each 20 times, first with your eyes open and then shut. Then, with your eyes focusing on the wall, bend down, touch the ground and sit up 20 times. Repeat the same exercise, only this time move your eyes to the floor and back. You can exercise your eyes by moving them up and down, side to side and then following your finger to the tip of your nose and back out.

      While sitting, you also can do head exercises, with your eyes always leading your head. Turn your head to the right and then to the left, and, without straining your neck, turn your head slowly and then quickly, quickly enough to cause dizziness. Alternate 10 times, and then after waiting 30 seconds, or until symptoms cease, repeat the process an additional two times.

      Leading your head with your eyes, bend your head forward to look at the floor, and then pull it up to look at the ceiling. Do this 10 times, and then wait for any symptoms to conclude (around 30 seconds). You should repeat the whole process two more times. As your dizziness improves, you can close your eyes and stand when performing these head exercises.

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