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Stupid Things That Men Say - Stop This If You Want to Be Good With Women!

This might be difficult to believe, but the majority of guys out there fail when it comes to women due to horrible conversation skills.
It has nothing to do with what they actually say, though; it has to do with their manner of using practiced openers and canned lines.
3 Idiotic Things That Come Out of Guys' Mouths - Avoid These Mistakes At All Costs 1.
Women like to talk whenever they are with somebody they are interested in; however, this doesn't mean that you should follow her lead and do the same.
If you blab, you will come across as an attention-hogger who is afraid of silence.
Try to speak in a deliberate and slow manner to capture her attention before encouraging her to tell you more about herself as you ask pointed questions.
"Ugly Truth".
Critiques can easily be transformed into compliments.
Whenever she asks a direct question about something, you should know better and not give her pointed answers.
Oftentimes, observations that are brutally frank do not sound great.
Critiques can be buffered if they are followed up with compliments.
Keep that in mind.
"Straightforward Lover".
One powerful line that a lot of guys use would be "Can we make out now?".
However, not a lot of these guys end up making out with the woman after they ask.
It all has to do with how the line is delivered.
Several men ruin things by appearing and sounding far too creepy.
You have to sound irresistible and inviting as you dish this line out, otherwise it will not work.
To truly mesmerize a girl during conversation, you have to build a strong connection with her feelings.
Girls who feel an irrational attraction towards you will run after you.
This can be achieved through a tactic of hypnosis known as "fractionation".

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