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Will the Reporter That Reveals Obama"s True Birth Place Get a Pulitzer Prize; Not Likely!

Perhaps you have heard that there is still a large contingency of conservative voters that truly believe that President Obama was born in Kenya, not the United States, and therefore, cannot serve as President of the United States of America.
Well, let's say this is true, but as a writer online, you won't catch me saying it, as I like my freedom and do not wish to have the car crushing apparatus of censorship to come crashing down on my head.
So, for a hypothetical let's say that this rumor, or conspiracy theory is true? If so, then someday that truth will come out.
The question I pose, because I have noted how liberal leaning the media is and who gets major awards like Nobel Prizes or Pulitzer Prizes; Will the reporter that reveals Obama's true birth place get a Pulitzer Prize.
The answer is obvious; Not Likely! Such a reporter would be breaking ranks with his peers, as the media is the group most responsible for putting Senator Barack Obama in the presidency in the first place, thus, the very folks hiding the facts say conservative truth seekers.
Such a reporter might be shot or attacked by the mass mobs of the former President Barack Obama's most loyal and leftist leaning followers.
Since, you probably have a feeling I am right about this, doesn't it say something about the integrity of the media and the entire industry behind it? So, I ask another question; Can you still believe half of what you read or are we down to about 10% now? Think on this.

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