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Severe Snoring - Apnea Could Be the Cause

Snoring can be quite a disturbance, but what you may not know is that it can be a sign of a more serious condition.
Severe snoring is often a symptom of a particular disorder called sleep apnea.
Someone who has this condition actually stops breathing while asleep.
After possible gasping or choking for air, oxygen is restored and breathing abruptly begins again.
These episodes occur many times each hour for most sufferers and prevent them from getting quality sleep.
After many nights of restless sleep due to the condition, the sufferer's health can begin to deteriorate making them more susceptible to illnesses, diseases, major health conditions, and impaired mental health.
A sleep apnea treatment is often needed to take care of the problem and improve sleep.
Sleep apnea can arise in anyone.
The most common causes for adults are being overweight, genetics, and other medical conditions.
Apnea in children is often due to enlarged tonsils or obesity.
When you are awake in the day time, your muscles keep the airway open and breathing is normal.
They relax during rest and the airway becomes blocked with soft tissue in the throat.
The airway may only be partially blocked in less severe cases, but can be fully blocked stopping breathing all together.
Proper diagnosis and a sleep apnea treatment can stop the nightly attacks and improve sleep and health.
What treatment options each individual has depends on how severe the condition is and the symptoms they are experiencing.
Most doctors recommend a sleep study test to determine if apnea is present and what treatments will work best.
A specialist will review the test and go over everything after they evaluate the results.
Tonsil removal is the number one choice for children by specialists.
This is because the tonsils normally cause the blockage.
If this doesn't work, then other treatments will be tried.
Weight loss and exercise can help eliminate excess fatty tissue and tone the muscles for better performance.
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is regularly used for adults and older children.
This machine provides a stream of air through the passageway to keep it open and functioning properly.
It is an at home therapy that must be used every night.
The first step is getting treatment for a disorder like apnea is recognizing the problem.
Often the person with severe snoring does not know they are not getting the sleep they need.
They wake up very fatigued due to the multiple episodes each night and have no recollection of them occurring.
It is important to pay attention if a family member snores very loudly and it is very persistent.
Sudden awakenings with gasping and loud snoring are the two most noticeable symptoms.
Keep a diary of the episodes and what your loved one experienced.
This will help their doctor determine if apnea might be present.
The first step is seeing their normal medical doctor.
They like to perform other tests to make sure no other medical conditions are causing the snoring and episodes.
Once underlying medical issues have been dismissed, the doctor will most likely recommend you to a specialist for a more thorough diagnosis.

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