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Great Classic Books Are For Everybody

The great classic books used to be a part of every person's education, from kindergarten through the college years. Unfortunately, they have lost their place in schools and in society. Nevertheless, if you want include them in your life and in your family's life, this can still happen.

 You do not have to rely on Internet downloads, not even for the oldest classics. Online vendors have prepared real books holding these classic tales. You can hold them in your hands and enjoy these great old stories as you flip through the vivid illustrations on the beautifully designed pages. There are a few key categories of these great classic stories, and you can choose to own examples from all or a select few of these categories.

 Great Classic Books -- Fiction

 Some of the best classic stories have been fictional tales. For millennia, these stories have weaved together fact and fantasy to create worlds so real to the human imagination that the stories and settings became part of the mental geography of each reader. Examples of these fictional classics include the Arabian Nights, a set of stories that was brought from the ancient oral traditions of Arabia and put into writing. Many people who have not read these stories are already familiar with the concepts behind them. In these stories a woman must tell a new and intriguing tale to her husband every night in order to avoid execution. Not far from that book, on the online shelf, you can find the stories of King Arthur joined by classics that are more modern, such as George Orwell's Animal Farm.

 Great Classic Books -- History

 Some of the earliest classics were historical rather than epics or fictional tales. Shortly after great stories such as that of Odysseus in the historical record, you find the historical works of Herodotus and Thucydides. Prepare to immerse yourself in the past with books such as Cicero's Orations, which you can read in English translation next to the original, written in the sparkling Latin of this famous Roman speaker and thinker. Joining these ancient works are modern works recognized for their quality, such as Martin Gilbert's the First World War.

 Children's Classic Books

 Do not forget the children in your life. There is no better gift than a classic story for a child. A hardcover copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland makes a perfect contribution to a collection of children's classic books.

 Great Classic Books -- Gift Ideas

 After you acquire these books for yourself, spread the wonder and the quality by making gifts of these treasured volumes to friends and family. Send an older work, such as Norwich's Byzantium, or a more modern addition to the classic ranks, such as O'Brian's Master and Commander.

There are thousands of great classic books to choose from, whether fictional or historical. Treat yourself to one or give one as a gift. Do not miss the opportunity to include great classic books in your reading collection. Whether you are a child or an adult a classic story will always  make the perfect gift.

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