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How to Make a Caterpillar Marionette

    • 1). Cut 13 rectangular strips from the construction paper that are one inch wide and six inches long. Cut an additional square piece from the paper.

    • 2). Glue the ends of one strip together to make a circle.

    • 3). Loop the next strip through the first circle and glue it together, making a chain. Continue until all of the strips are used.

    • 4). Cut a circle from the remaining square of construction paper for the caterpillar's head.

    • 5). Draw several black dots on each side of the head, for the caterpillar's eyes.

    • 6). Cut two tiny triangles from the remaining construction paper and glue them to the bottom of the caterpillar's face, as jaws.

    • 7). Glue the caterpillar's head to the front link of the chain.

    • 8). Glue two craft or Popsicle sticks together in an "X" shape. Repeat with two more sticks.

    • 9). Cut eight equal lengths of string and tie each one to an end of one of the sticks.

    • 10

      Tie the first pair of sticks to the construction paper, positioning the sticks now in a "+" shape, with one pointing to the front of the caterpillar and one to the back. The string facing the head will be tied to the head. The two on either side will be tied to one loop of the body. The final string will be tied to the next available loop.

    • 11

      Using the same method, tie the other pair of sticks to the back of the caterpillar. One string will tied to the last loop, two around the next-to-last, and the last on the loop before. This will give your caterpillar a range of motion when you walk him forward or backward.

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