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LegalZoom Review - Incorporations and LLC Formations

If you are looking for an incorporation service to organize your corporation or limited liability company, you have probably heard about LegalZoom.
LegalZoom is one of the most well known providers of online based legal document and filings services covering a variety of areas such as incorporations, LLC formations, trademarks, wills and legal forms.
The founders of this company are business lawyers and business professionals and as a result the incorporation service is one of the staple offerings.
They are responsible for having formed hundreds of thousands of legal entities and they back each one with a full satisfaction guarantee.
The creation of a legal entity for a business is so important to any new business owner because this step is what gives you protection against being personally liable for business obligations.
Given this essential objective, you should not risk using an unknown or inexperienced service to handle this.
LegalZoom was founded in 2000 and is professionally managed by an elite management team.
The entire operation is also backed by some of the highest profile attorneys in the country and also by well known venture capitalists.
They have been profiled and seen on all the major networks and in prestigious financial publications like the Wall Street Journal.
In addition to exceptional customer service, their incorporation and LLC formation packages also come with customized legal forms that are necessary to give a new business entity the necessary governance structure.
This is a unique add on not offered by other services and one that is necessary for any new business after formation.
LegalZoom has devoted significant resources to make working with them very easy and intuitive.
Their site is optimized for simplified customer processes so you will find that the website and the ordering process are very intuitive and simple.
They try to make everything only require 3 simple steps .
You also can check order status at anytime online or reach a live representative during business hours.
This company is leading the way when it comes to providing affordable but highly competent products and services to individuals and businesses that choose to handle straightforward legal matters without the use of an attorney.

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