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Nature: Liberty, Diversity and Co-Existence

Studies of nature and Darwin's evolution theory has been taken to any number of places, some better than others.
The worst applications of the theory have been social Darwinism and racism.
In fact, nature teaches none of these things but quite the opposite.
Anyone who's studied nature in any depth knows that nature contains a huge variety of different species and different ways to do things.
He also knows that all these adaptations exist on the same planet and live side by side.
The true lessons from nature are therefore these: Diversity and Coexistence.
And this carries vast implications for human covenants.
These implications not only do not support social Darwinism or racism; instead they refute such things.
They recognize that there are many different things living that do things in different ways.
They also recognize that all these things can exist side by side without waging wars of extermination; and that not only are these things able to exist side by side, but that they are in fact necessary for one another.
In human society this means as follows: That there needs to be respect for differences among people as well as a way for these different people to co-exist.
People have all sorts of natural differences among them, and this is not only right; it is necessary.
Nature supports a very strong argument for tolerance, diversity and co-existence.
And if nature is smart enough to achieve such a thing, then for certain people should be smart enough as well.
In a climate of real freedom, there will also be real diversity.
That is because people differ from one another, and for that reason different adaptations work for different people.
For this reason in nations where liberty is affirmed to any degree, there are differences between regions and also different subcultures in every region.
That's not a bug.
That's a feature.
When freed of artificial obstacles and entombments, people create what works for them.
Differences among people will logically result in different adaptations being developed.
The strongest test for real liberty is existence of real diversity.
The more diversity we see in a country, the more we know that the country is free.
Pluralism and multi-culturalism are not, as some say, threat to American way of life.
Rather they are testimony to the rightness of America's founding principles.
The more freedom there is, the more there will be diversity.
And diversity, when found in America, is a glorious testimony to America as the land of liberty that it was intended to be.

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