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Book Review For Time Plains Drifter

Book Review for: "Time Plains Drifter" Written by: Cheryl Pierson Class Act Books ISBN: 978-1-935048-35-0 Print & eBook Format 341 pages 4 Stars Pierson crafts an intriguing time traveling, historical western romance with "Time Plains Drifter.
" Jenni Dalton, a school teacher, goes back in time and meets US Marshal Rafe D'Angelico.
When they meet, the sparks - plus the complications - fly.
The novel opens with Jenni taking a group of teenagers out late at night to witness a comet for an astronomy class.
When the comet passes, it causes a rift in time sending Jenni and her students back to the Oklahoma plains to 1895.
Marshal Rafe D'Angelico and his brother, Cris, are killed when their friend, Josiah Kemp, shoots them over a few gold coins.
Rafe becomes an angel and meet his mentor, Beck Jansen.
Rafe and Beck have a mission - keep Jenni and her teenager charges safe from the devil, aka, Milo.
When Rafe meets Jenni, he realizes she's the mysterious woman he dreamed about when he was a man.
The chemistry between the couple is combustible.
When Beck refuses to give Rafe solid answers about his angelic status, Rafe risks everything to become human so he can be with Jenni.
After consummating their love, Rafe's angelic brother, Cris, appears only to warn them that Jenni is the one Milo is after.
Rafe realizes he has a choice - embrace his status as an angel to keep Jenni safe, or embrace his humanity and face certain death at the hands of Milo.
Pierson's writing is crisp and easy to read.
The plot is creative, leaving the reader in suspense most of the novel.
Her dialogue is authentic, capturing the feel of the late 1800's.
Pierson's descriptions effortlessly paint the backdrop of the novel, while using a good economy of words.
The reader can easily visualize the setting.
Pierson's characters are interesting.
Rafe is a stand up guy who embodies the heroism of the late 1800's lawman.
His loyalty and integrity are endearing.
Jenni proves herself to be a gutsy heroine, even following Cris into a rushing current of water when he's injured.
The supporting cast is fun to get know.
If anything, toward the end, it seems almost a given by Cris and Beck that Rafe will have to face Milo once and for all, and it gives a predictable ending to an unpredictable story.
The novel is considered sophisticated for romance readers.
Pierson's love scenes are graphic, yet tasteful.
"Time Plains Drifter" is a novel that proves love can overcome the decades of time.

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