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How to Install a Kohler Toilet to Tank

    • 1). Check the back of the Kohler bowl for construction debris, such as plaster or grout. Carefully scrape any dried materials on the bowl with a putty knife. This will help keep the bowl level.

    • 2). Place the rubber gasket on the back of Kohler toilet bowl. Align the gasket so that the bolt holes and the tank to bowl gasket all line up.

    • 3). Gently set the tank on the back of the bowl above the gasket. Align the tank so that the bolt holes in the bottom line up with the holes in the gasket and the bowl.

    • 4). Drop the bolts through the bottom of the Kohler tank so that they poke through to the back of the bowl.

    • 5). Thread the nuts onto the threads at the bottom of the bowl and tighten them hand tight.

    • 6). Place a spirit level across the back of the tank. Tighten the tank nuts one at a time with a wrench, keeping an eye on the level to make sure that the tank stays true.

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