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HP Pavilion Dv4 Specs

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      Released in 2005, Hewlett Packard's Pavilion Dv4 is a consumer "desktop replacement" laptop. Featuring the standard hardware specifications for its time, including wireless DVD-ROM support, the Dv4 has since been discontinued. If you are thinking about purchasing a Dv4, be sure to read up on its specifications and make sure it suits your needs.

    Dimensions and Design

    • The HP Pavilion Dv4 is a standard laptop, measuring 14 inches wide, 10 inches long and an inch high. It weighs about seven pounds. The model features an all-black matte design with a silver track pad. The 15-inch screen allows for a maximum resolution of 1280-by-800 pixels and supports a wide-screen display.

    Internal Hardware

    • The Dv4 is supported by a Intel Pentium 4-M 715 processor, which runs at 1.5 gigahertz. Designed specifically for mobile computers, the Pentium 4-M is roughly equivalent to its desktop Pavilion contemporaries, but requires less voltage and emits less heat. The random access memory (RAM) in the Dv4 contains 512 megabytes worth of storage, which is enough to run Windows XP, but would be too little to operate Windows 7. The hard disk on the Pavilion Dv4 spins at 4,200 revolutions per minute and holds up to 60 gigabytes of memory.

    Auxilliary Components

    • The Pavilion DV4 features all the standard consumer-grade hardware components for its time, including a combination CD-RW and DVD-ROM drive, a memory card slot, and an Intel Pro wireless card. Additionally, the Dv4 includes all the usual output and input interfaces, including a USB port, an Ethernet port, an audio output and input jack, a FireWire input, and an S-Video output. The graphics on the computer are supported by an Intel GMA 900 graphics card, which will support most media types, but may lag with certain contemporary computer games.


    • The HP Pavilion Dv4 comes pre-installed with Microsoft's Windows XP Professional operating system. In addition to the standard operating system protocols, such as the Windows Control Panel, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, Windows XP Professional includes Microsoft Works, iTunes and MSN Encarta Plus.

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