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Early October Whitetail Hunting Strategies

    Tag a Doe

    • If you are having a hard time patterning the bucks during October, harvest a doe and inspect her stomach to determine where she has been feeding. Depending on what you find, focus your efforts and stand placement around that area. Move farther into the woods if they are feeding more on browse and mast inside the timber. If you find out what the does are eating, you will find the bucks.

    Gather Their Curiosity

    • In early October, deer have not been pressured by hunters in the rifle seasons and will be more curious than later in the season. Use this to your advantage by placing a turkey decoy or deer decoy on a well-used deer trail. When an approaching deer sees the decoy, they may spend long enough inspecting the decoy that it will allow you to setup for a shot.

    Move Stands Frequently

    • Use this time to move into multiple stands and take an inventory of the deer in different areas. Be careful how you approach the stands, and always remain scent-free. Watch the game trails and how the deer travel on them to determine if you need to move your stand placement.

    Bump and Setup

    • Pack your climber on your back and head into your hunting area as quietly as possible. Slowly move into a bedding area, and when you bump a mature buck out of his bed, quickly analyze the surrounding trees and climb into the tree and get set up. The buck will take his time but will eventually work around in a big circle back into the bedding area.

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