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South Carolina Workmans Compensation Insurance Rules

    Time Frame

    • If a worker is injured on the job, he should report it to his employer immediately and request medical attention. An injury needs to be reported within 90 days to receive benefits, but an employee has up to two years from the date of the accident to file a claim.

    Medical Coverage

    • An employee is entitled to receive everything necessary to lessen the disability, including surgery, hospitalization, medical supplies, prosthetic devices and prescriptions. These services are covered as long as the employee goes to the doctor approved by the insurance company.

    Wage Compensation

    • After the first seven days out of work, the employee will be compensated for lost wages at a rate of 66.67 percent of his average work week. After being out of work for 14 days, the employee will receive compensation from the date of the accident.

    Termination of Benefits

    • Benefits are terminated when the doctor releases the employee from treatment and allows him to return to work with or without restrictions. If an employee disagrees, he can file for a hearing to dispute the doctor's recommendations.

    Compensation for Injury

    • Compensation is given for permanent injury based on a set rating scale. The loss of both hands, arms, feet, legs, vision in both eyes or a combination of two losses constitutes total and permanent disability.

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