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How to Clean Rust With Household Items

    White Vinegar

    • 1). Soak a clean sponge in white vinegar and wipe the rust stain. Alternatively, you can pour white vinegar directly onto the stain.

    • 2). Apply a generous amount of salt to the stain and scrub.

    • 3). Lay the material out to dry, if the stain is on fabric.

    • 4). Clean the solution off of the area or put clothing or fabric into the washing machine.


    • 1). Soak an abrasive sponge in cola or pour cola directly onto the rust.

    • 2). Scrub the area with the abrasive sponge, a scouring pad or crumpled aluminum foil until the rust is gone.

    • 3). Rinse and dry the area.

    Salt and Lime Juice

    • 1). Sprinkle enough salt to cover the rusted area.

    • 2). Squeeze a lime over the area until the salt is soaked.

    • 3). Leave the mixture on the rusted area for two to three hours.

    • 4). Use the lime rind to scrub the area until the rust is lifted.

    • 5). Rinse and dry the area.

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