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Now Vending Machines Help You In Helping The Society!

Yes, that is true; now vending machines will enable you to donate money to the society and will help you in helping the society! The international charity and social organization RED CROSS (JAPAN) in association with the leading beverage company Coca-Cola have designed and launched a vending machine that helps you in donating money to the society by using just couple of buttons of the vending machines and gives you significant opportunity to contribute in the development of the society.

So whats all buzz about?

Its all about making donation the way people wanted it to be simple, sweet and fun! The all new charity vending machines by Red Cross Japan and Coca-Cola enable people to make donations by simply just clicking on the button! Its even simpler than making online donations which people can do with a mouse click on internet. In this charity machines, what you need to do is simply insert the money you want to donate, and press the Donate Now (or something like that) button on the vending machine and you are done! So simple, so sweet, the fun way to help the society.

What do you get in return?

Ultimate satisfaction! Thats what you get in return. When you donate to society your soul feels pride and the society appreciates you. This is what all you need to encourage other people to donate. Moreover, some of these charity vending machines also dispense something that you can have proud of a limited edition pin badge that donators can wear with proud and honor to show their generosity which may encourage others to donate money using these charity vending machines. And yes, these machines thank you for donating money. Once you have donated money and have pressed donate button you will hear Thank you for making donation or something like that.

Solacing the society

Red Cross Society Japan has launched these charity vending machines to help Japan cover the loss and damage it suffered during recent devastating earthquake-cum-tsunami. Red Cross Society Japan is aiming at inspiring people to use these machines to donate money which will be used to help the victims of earthquake-cum-tsunami hit japan.

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