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Can Textured Tile Flooring Be Painted?


    • Dirt and grime can inhibit adhesion. Do not paint over dirty textured tile flooring, or the paint may not stick to the tile.


    • Abrasion helps to enhance adhesion. Scour textured tile flooring with 120-grit sandpaper to generate a tooth for the primer and paint to latch onto.


    • Textured tile flooring requires a base coat of primer to promote a long-lasting, durable finish. Apply an acrylic latex primer to the tiles, using a roller affixed to an extension pole.


    • A two-part epoxy paint is appropriate for coating primed textured tile flooring. Many companies also manufacture acrylic paints specifically formulated for floors.


    • Do not paint over bare textured tile flooring, or the finish will ultimately peel. Ordinary acrylic latex paints are not appropriate for tiles floors and will eventually fail.

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